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How Can I Get And Maintain Healthy Nails To Prevent Nail Fungus? Part 2



In Part 1 we discussed the dietary recommendations that help insure that your nails are strong and healthy in order to prevent nail fungus from occurring. In Part 2 we will discuss preventative measures that will aid in keeping your nails fungus free when used in combination with dietary recommendations.

I seemed to have always been plagued by splitting nails and oftentimes, hang nails. These splits and cracks in the nails are potential entry paths for nail fungus. The best way I found to remedy this condition was by soaking my nails in warm olive oil for 10-20 minutes daily.

Use common sense and treat your nails gently to prevent breaks. I'm always using my nails to pry, pick, scrape or even to use as a screwdriver! One bad habit that has always been hard for me to break is not wearing gloves when working in my garage around harsh chemicals. Especially gasoline and oil when working on the car. Not only is this damaging to the nails, but also the skin surrounding the nail beds, which led to painful drying and cracking. Again, this causes potential entry points for nail fungus.

Keeping the nails relatively short will help and cut down on the breakage. Never cut your cuticles. This is a surefire way to cause a nail fungus infection. Use baby oil and gently push the cuticles back. Soaking you nails before trimming is a good idea. You are more likely to cause splits by trimming the nails when they are dry.

I don't have experience with this particular method of prevention, but if you are  a woman who uses artificial nails, don't! They look nice for a while, but they destroy the underlying nail. The chemicals and glue are dangerous to the body and are readily absorbed through the damaged nail and nail bed. The use of artificial nails is known to contribute to the development of nail fungus.


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