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Why Are Prescription Drug Treatments For Nail Fungus a Problem?



Once you realize that you have nail fungus, unless you know of treatment options, (such as natural homeopathic cures), the first thing you are going to consider is going to a doctor. And a doctor will explain to you that because nail fungus grows so slowly, and the fact that it's hard to get at under the nail, it can be very hard to eliminate. And therefore, he will prescribe a potent anti-fungal medicine that can have dangerous side effects.

There is nothing safe about these prescription oral medications. They have potential side effects to other body organs (especially the liver, skin, and possibly bone marrow). Some doctors may downplay the side effects, but they will all tell you that you must have periodic blood tests during treatment in order to identify any dangerous and harmful side effects. Some side effects they you yourself may notice are:

   - Unusual fatigue
   - Severe loss of apetite
   - Nausea
   - Yellow eyes
   - Dark urine
   - Pale stool
   - Skin rashes
   - Bleeding
   - Enlarged lymph glands
   - Signs of infection

Even with these new medicines, the rate of recurrence is high. And since the treatment period can last longer than 6 months, with no guarantee of sucess, you will definitely need several blood tests to monitor your condition. The cost can be very significant when you add up doctors visits, prescription meds, blood tests, etc. If you have a compromised health condition, such as heart disease, you most definitely should consider a homeopathic treatment rather than a dangerous prescription med. There are several excellent homeopathic treatments available that do not produce side effects. Among the very best is ZetaClear.



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